Taken April 17, 2019


I’ve decided to start a weekly gallery on this site showcasing 1 roll of film that I shoot each week. I’ve been going through a prolonged creative low so I wanted to challenge myself go get out there and get the gears turning. Now, film is a process (which The Photo Spot does an amazing job of delivering) so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to routinely have a day of each week that I’ll post, but I’ll be sure that one roll gets done. For this week of April 15th, the very first roll(s) are these portraits I took of my pal Nic. Taken at one of my favorite structures in the Atlanta suburbs. I’ve used this plant as a backdrop for many of my photos before, so if you’re familiar with it, big ups. Nic shared a similar interest in the building so it only seemed fit to use it as one of the locations. this is the closest I’d been to the building, So I got to see it from a lot of new angles that really impressed me. It’s a lush location of brut materials with a backyard of overgrown weeds and graffiti. Having the MARTA glide by the track above really gives it that extra touch of -barely- city life.

I took some other shots on this roll that I’ll be withholding for a bigger project which is in it’s early stages, I can’t wait to share it once it’s ready.

I hope you all enjoy this goal that I’ve set for myself and come back to these rolls I shoot each week. Hell, try it out and send me your rolls! I’d love to see what everyone is creating.